2010 Heaven on Earth Workshop

2010 Heaven on Earth workshop featured the Dream Team Artist:Donna Billick , Isaiah Zagar and Laurel True. The projects were architecturally integrated mosaic and ceramic artworks,”Mexican Rug”, “Mujer Wall”and “Turtle Bathroom”.

“Mexican Rug” created in the Heaven On Earth workshop, was created with
Donna Billick as the instructor for this artwork.  This “Mexican Rug”
has handmade ceramic artworks in conjunction with the mosaics.  This
artwork was permanently installed onto the entry of Todos Artes

2010   “Mujer” is a 18’H x24’W mosaic mural created with students from the Heaven on Earth Isaiah Zagar group.  Created as a permanent monolithic, architecturally integrated, community build artwork. 2010 showcases mosaic, handmade ceramic work integrated into the Todos Artes Compound.